Wedding Celebration Ceremony

Wedding Celebration Ceremony

This option is perfect if you want to have a combination of different elements within your wedding and not be constrained by the restrictions imposed by having a church wedding or a register office wedding.

Together we can draw from any personal beliefs, rituals and special memories that you share and combine them into a divine ceremony.

Ceremonies cost £550 * and include

** You will need to be legally wed before you embark on having a celebrant led wedding ceremony.  You will be required to undertake this at a local register office. There are several offices in our area - 

Cambridge, Ely , Huntingdon, March   ( current fees can be found here Fees ( you must give notice to marry at your local register office. 

There is no requirement to exchange vows or rings at the register office ceremony, you can save these for your fabulous celebrant-led wedding ceremony with all of your friends and family present.