Naming Ceremonies

What's in a name?

A name is the usually the first piece of personal information that we give out. It marks our entry to the world and will forever be synonymous with the individual. 

A Naming Ceremony gives you a personalised, meaningful opportunity to celebrate – and welcome – your new addition to the family. It is a non-religious alternative to a formal Christening and is a way to officially name your child in front of your loved ones.

Every naming ceremony is written from scratch; each and every ceremony will be tailored around your family. It can include any symbolic acts that might mean something to you and your family; this could include a sand ceremony, tree-planting, time capsule or unity candles. The possibilities are (almost) endless! 

During the ceremony, the parents will state their commitment to their child, thank their family and friends and announce their hopes for the child’s life.

This is what makes them so popular: they are a truly unique way to share your dreams and aspirations for your child’s future.

And remember - a naming ceremony is not just for babies!

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