Unity Candle Ceremony

Shining a light on your love and intent

A unity candle can be used in all ceremonies. 


The couple can light their own, individual candles. They can then bring those singular flames together to light a new flame on a central, unity candle that represents their relationship, their life together. The individual candles can continue to burn, or could be blown out – depending on the meaning you give the ritual. 

A unity candle can also be lit first, and other candles can be lit from it, spreading the flame. Picture the scene as evening draws in and the couple share their flame with the guests - lighting tealights (in containers) to light the area.  Truly magical.  

Vow Renewal

The couple could light a unity candle along with their children or grandchildren to represent the love of the family as well as their love for each other.

Naming Ceremony

A unity candle could be lit by multiple people at the same time. Maybe the parents of the child could light a candle together along with the special persons that will be offering their commitment for the child.

The ritual can have whatever meaning you choose to give it. Unity candles are easily understood and explained and the ritual can be repeated as often as you like. If you buy a special candle, or candlestick, you could light a unity candle every year to mark the anniversary of your special occasion. Or you could simply light it anytime you want to shine a little light in your lives!