Tree Planting 

Plant a tree and watch it grow 

Depending upon the time of year, planting a tree in commemoration of your special occasion is a lovely idea and a great way to involve other children, close friends, or family members in the ceremony.  

Which Tree to Choose

Choosing which tree to use in the ritual is down to personal choice, but it is great to understand the meaning of the tree you have picked.

The specific type of tree you choose should also have significance.

Here, are some popular options and their symbolic meanings:

Oak represents life, health, and family unity.

Bamboo, tree-like grass, embodies strength, flexibility, and renewal in Asian cultures.

Birch are fast-growing and appeal to eco-conscious couples. They signify adaptability, regeneration, and new beginnings.

Elm portend unity, a new perspective, and freedom.

Maple  symbolise longevity, abundance, and protection.

Willow are hardy, rapidly growing trees associated with adaptability, renewal, and survival.

Apple suggest love, truth, beauty, and fertility.

Fig indicates faith, stability, and enlightenment.

Pear have pretty white flowers and represent longevity, good health, and abundance.

Including family and friends in your tree planting ritual

Like many of the rituals, the planting of a tree can involve family and friends. You simply ask them to add some of the compost to the main pot or hole whilst you’re planting the tree.

There is also an opportunity here for a family member or friend to say a blessing to the tree as it is planted or even to tie a wish to the branches. 

Remember - the tree does not have to be planted in the ground, but can be in a container too!

(Please note: Bare-rooted tree stock is best planted in winter when the tree is dormant. You will also need to check permissions if planting the tree in an open space)