Hand Joining

Hand Joining - Tying the Knot

Handfasting is an old European folk-custom which pre-dates the Christianisation of marriage. For those folk who had no need to enter into contractual arrangements about the endowment of property, getting married was a relatively simple matter of declaring your intention, witnessed by your local community. One way to do this was to have your hands ceremonially bound together with ribbon or cord, symbolising your intention to join your lives and fortunes – hence the term handfasting (and latterly 'tying the knot' a familiar term used in modern weddings)

Traditionally a handfasting might initially be made for a year and a day, a form of ‘trial marriage’ which left the couple free to part at the end of this time if no child was conceived. The ritual of handfasting has since been popularised by contemporary neo-pagans.

I offer a shorter, simpler form of handfasting referred to as a hand joining.  This ritual can be conducted with just one bind and involves only the couple or can involve friends and family.  It is possible to incorporate other symbolic ritual elements such as calling in the elements – air, fire, water and earth – and the four directions – east, north, west and south – to bring blessings to the union.

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Each colour represents a particular virtue or wish